UK FORMULA 4 1966-1976


This new record covers UK Formula 4 from its introduction in 1966 for 250cc motor-cycle powered cars through to 1976 by which time the competitors were mostly racing 1000cc Formula 3 cars.

A few difficult seasons in the beginning threatened the existence of the formula but this didn’t last and the book gives the story of how it adapted to change and gained momentum to become an important low cost motor racing category. Initially the class was for 250cc engines although this was rapidly increased to 650cc then 875cc car engines, an era dominated by the Hillman Imp engine, it was not until the 1000cc Formula 3 cars of the 1964-70 era were introduced that the formula really thrived. By 1976 the ex-Formula 3 cars were beginning to be replaced by purpose-built Deltas and other makes so it provides a sensible point to halt. It ran until 2013 albeit with different regulations to the period covered by this record.

The format of this book is the same as previous Formula One Register publications. Each race covered has an entry list, grid positions, full results with race times as far as it has been possible to ascertain them. Chassis numbers are included where known. However, it must be noted that there are no race descriptions or photographs.

The book is 168 pages bound in the familiar black covers

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