In this new edition we have expanded the range of races covered to include over 60 additional events not in the first edition, generally of a more minor status, such as the racing car classes at Circuit de l’Aisne, races at Sitges-Terramar, Circuit des Route Pavée and Bol d’Or. It has now grown to over 450 pages. New sources have also enabled many previously incomplete entry lists to be filled out. There are also Appendices covering major handicap races and Les Grand Prix Bugatti events.

Sometimes rather dismissed as a low period in racing history, this is only the case if one focuses solely on Grand Prix racing. In reality it was the start of the great renaissance that would reach its full flower in the superb racing of the late thirties. With drivers like Varzi, Nuvolari, Chiron and the like becoming the new force in racing, truly International motor racing as it was to be for the next 50 years had arrived. The back-bone of racing was the private entrant and the specialist manufacturer like Bugatti and Maserati. At the start of this period Cyclecar (1100cc) racing was also very well supported although this faded towards the end.

As usual, for the majority of races, the book contains full statistics including entry lists often with starting numbers and chassis numbers where known. Full results are also included.  All races run to the Grand Prix Formula, Formule Libre, Voiturette and Cyclecar classes have been included.


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