The Formula One Register has produced a new volume in its well-respected history of major single-seater racing, extending the period covered to 2009-2011.

Having decided to suspend the production of Yearbooks, we have looked afresh at the categories included in this volume of “A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing”. As we have previously observed, the old F1 – F2 – F3 structure of motor racing was eroded during the 21st century by the introduction of several competing classes, such as the Renault backed Formula Renault 3.5 which was a direct competitor to GP2, along with various series using old F3000 cars.

With motor racing more global than ever, it seems wrong to exclude a category simply because it did not run in Europe. Nor is it possible to distinguish what to include on the basis of a formula being the step below Formula 1 when drivers like Räikkönen were plucked straight from Formula Renault.

This volume (360 pages) therefore covers what we might for convenience call “big-engine” formulae (taking into account turbo charging) that are broadly equivalent to being the tier below Formula 1.

  • F1, Indycar, GP2, F3000, Formula Nippon, Formula Renault 3.5, Superleague, A1GP, F2, Auto GP

The next tier, principally Formula 3, is available separately as a “small-engine” supplement. This book costs £60 plus postage if ordered alone – but save £20 when ordering with Volume 16 using this link.


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