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Volume 15 takes the story of Formula 1 and the main secondary categories from 2002 to 2008. During this period the structure of single-seater racing became much more fragmented. Whilst Formula 1 remained the pinnacle of the sport – or is it business? – F3000’s place as the proving ground for rising stars was challenged by Formula Renault 3.5. Mostly held as part of a package of Renault promoted meetings, the series became a serious rival when Robert Kubica went straight from it to Formula 1.

Rising costs in F3000 resulted in dwindling entries and in 2005 it was replace by GP2 which used standard Dallara chassis and Renault engines.  In the wake of the demise of F3000 International a number of series sprung up to make use of the available cars, most seemingly based in or from Italy. These are of course included in the book.

Compared to the 1st Edition, this 2nd Edition includes Formula Renault 3.5, for the reasons outlined above. Other changes are limited to correction of identified errors, and additional information missing from the 1st Edition especially in the various F3000 series that appeared after the International series folded

The book covers the following formulae

Formula 1

F3000 International (2002-04)

GP2 (2005-08)

GP2 Asia (2008)

Formula Nippon

Euro F3000 (2002-04)

Formula Renault 3.5 (2005-08)

Formula 3000 Italia (2005)

3000 Pro series (2005)

Euroseries 3000 (2006-08)

F3000 Int. Masters (2006)


As with other books in the series, full entry lists, grids and results are given. There are also chassis numbers for F1 and some F3000 series.


Please note that there are NO photographs, race descriptions or lap charts



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