This series of books covers Formula Junior, 1.0 litre Formula 3 and 500cc Formula 3 as historic racing categories in Europe between 2000 and 2007. From 2008 the series also covers worldwide events.

It is 50 years ago that Count Johnny Lurani’s imaginative notion of a new starter formula, based on production 1000cc or 1100cc car engines, saw the light of day at Monza in 1958. The idea worked and soon races were being held across the globe. In 1964 it was replaced by a new but similar 1.0 litre Formula 3. Formula Junior was reintroduced as a historic class in 1975. Although there have been ups and downs, the growth of Formula Junior has been remarkable. By 2007 average grids in UK and Lurani Trophy races were 34 with the “prestige” events such as Goodwood invariably oversubscribed.