More than 20 years have passed since Paul Sheldon first published his definitive record of the history of grand prix and secondary classes of motor racing in the “Record of Grand Prix & Voiturette Racing” series. These – often referred to as the ‘black books’ revealed a level of detail and, indeed, races, previously largely unknown to British readers. Still today they remain one of the most authoritative sources of data and in more recent times the Formula One Register has embarked on a programme of updating with second editions of these well respected works.
The books aim to include a full entry list including race numbers and the chassis numbers of competing cars plus a grid and full results. Up to Volume 12 a description of the race and, where available, a lap chart for Formula 1 races is included.
The 2nd Editions contain a wealth of new information including even some previously unknown races. Chassis numbers have been revised and corrected often where, starting with the information in the first edition, researchers have clarified the situation with, for instance, Maserati, Connaught A type and early Coopers. All chassis changes are listed in an Appendix.